Sunday, November 25, 2007

Temple Demolitions: The Rally, The Arrests, The Petition

Developments are coming so fast it's difficult to think about what they really mean. The arrest of three top Hindraf leaders under the Sedition Act can be nothing but a negative, undemocratic move. That mainstream Malaysian newspapers have been forced to start reporting on the events, if not the issue itself, is a good thing -- people have been getting all their information from the Internet over the last two years anyway, and there's no use pretending that people don't know, or don't care, by and large. But the Hindraf petition itself seems more ambiguous -- on the one hand, international outcry and awareness about the Malaysian situation is a good thing. That a country so blatantly racist, a country that has racism deeply embedded in its Constitution itself, can continue to promote the image that it is a haven of any sort is ridiculous, and this image needs amendment first before internal amendments will happen. On the other, logistically, it is a lawsuit that is almost doomed to not have the monetary compensation demanded come through. I am waiting and watching. And praying for all those who rallied today. Updates are still coming in.

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check this video on the Indian Malaysians' rally for human rights.


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