Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Quick Update - FiftynineFinito / Dorianne Laux

The run of Fiftynineminutes has come to end, and the post-production blues have settled in. But I'm a dreamer, and I may not really know what's coming, but I anticipate it. Keep you posted.

Just put up Dorianne Laux's poem "The Word" on Puisi-Poesy. I love Laux's work. She is definitely one of my favourite poets. Like mine, her style is personal and sensual, somewhat dark, almost always sad. This is not to say that I consider my work on par with hers; I am simply acknowledging my influences. During the "turning-point" years of finding my voice as a writer, which happened at around the time I was 17 and related to newfound exposure to both public praise and criticism, it was the work of writers like Laux that gave me faith that even abjectly personal, often maudlin and almost always self-indulgent writing can be, and is, important. The poem and the discusssion on it are here.


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