Saturday, October 28, 2006

55 Fiction!

Sometime back, I was tagged by Gauravonomics, who has since decided to commit blogicide (come back!). The idea is to pick a set of three words from a volunteered list of sets, and write a story of exactly 55 words which includes all three. It was kicked off by three bloggers, who were raising funds for ProjectWhy via 55 Fiction. (See the link to Gaurav's post for the whole list, and more on the concept).

I picked the words "cigarette", "baby" and "Kamal Hassan". Here's my take.

"Too much Salangai Oli does that to a woman", she says, and crushes her cigarette slowly, suggestively. He flinches. It's only the second time they’ve watched it tonight. Onscreen, Kamal Hassan tandavas him right out of her heart. She shrugs, looks him in the eye. "Sorry, baby, but I think it's time for your thillana."

I tag: KG, Sharon, Leon, Midnite Lily, Maryam (of course!)

My three words: skid, Louvre, languid (you can choose any of the sets, not limited to mine)

This is so much fun. What a way to kickstart some writing! :)


Anonymous midnite lily said...

ooOoh, nice tag. okay, lemme figure this out. ^_^

9:01 AM  
Anonymous treefingers said...

Ooh... That short sizzles! Nice work! ;)

7:36 PM  

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